Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Few Snaps from Our 3rd Annual Titanic Tea

Last weekend was our local costuming club's first event of the year - our 3rd Annual Titanic Memorial Tea - and what a nice kick-off to "the season" it was.

Due to the tea's attendance, we held it at Chez Louie at the Nevada Museum of Art, this year, which was spacious, public, and full of art exhibits to admire while we paraded around in our finery.

I only got a few photos. I didn't have anything new to wear, and just *barely* squeezed into my old blue wool hobble skirt from a few years ago. Thank goodness for darts (though I should've tried the thing on before the morning of the event), as I quite like the skirt and want to keep it!

My mom and dad, always well-dressed.

Hats! It wouldn't be 1912 without splendid hats!
My mom's new skirt and blouse. Snazzy!
Liz, in her original Edwardian linen suit
Liza is the mistress of re-fashioning - her gown was made from a 1930s dress and a bridesmaid's gown
Gina in action
Photo by Dana Reeser - my same-ole-same-ole, blue wool hobbleskirt and antique blouse.
I love wearing originals, but I don't own many. I got so inspired by Liza and Lisa's incredible antique finds (Liza was wearing original combinations, and had an antique purse and parasol to die for; Lisa brought a stunning 1890s/1900s wedding gown she'd found for, like, $20) that I came home and surfed eBay for way too long, and bought this shirt:
Silk Pongee - eBay seller shastasvintage
I think it's a bit later than 1912, and obviously needs to be cleaned and well-looked-after, but I'm happy to own another original I can wear on occasion, and study, perhaps take a pattern from. :-)

That's all for now! Perhaps next year I'll get off my duff and make something new. :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

American Duchess "Spring Cleaning" Sale

It's time for a bit of a clear out, my dears. How about a sale?

Gibsons in ivory, butterscotch, and blackhttp://www.american-duchess.com/shoes-1920s-1930s

23Skidoos in brown/white or white/white paintable spectatorshttp://www.american-duchess.com/shoes-1920s-1930s

Black Pompadourshttp://www.american-duchess.com/shoes-18th-century/pompadour-french-court-shoe-black

Imperfects - various styles with tiny flaws - http://www.american-duchess.com/18th-century-shoes-outlet

The Gibsons and Black Pompadours are coming back, but 23Skidoos are going to be discontinued, so if you need them in your, on your feet, in your closet, this is your chance to snag them on sale.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Celebrating Renoir - The Artist

In the Garden, 1885
I haven't been doing much (any) sewing since I got back from Williamsburg, so I don't have much (any) to show in that department. Instead I'd like to share a few of my favorite Renoir paintings...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Renoir & Tissot Pre-Order Now Open

Right, ladies, today's the day. At long last, "Renoir" button boots and "Tissot" Victorian pumps are available to order at AmericanDuchess.com.

The pre-order will run until April 27th. Delivery is around the beginning of July, if not a little sooner.

It seems like these two naturally go together, so we're offering some fun discounts, as a thank you for supporting this endeavor:

  • Get your choice of a $10 cash discount, a free pair of stockings, or a free button hook, when you order Renoir.
  • Also get your choice of a $10 cash discount, 10 pairs of shoe clip hardware for free, or a free pair of stockings, when you order Tissot.
  • ...and if you order both Renoir & Tissot together, you get the above, and also an additional $10 off.

Place your orders at www.AmericanDuchess.com

*As always, we need to sell about 50 pairs of each style (or some combination thereof) to meet the manufacturing minimum, so please share with your friends who may be need shoes!